Vendor Management: It’s OK to Say No!

It's OK to Say No! Vendor Management Staffing Suppliers

If you have the task of buying goods or services for your company, you’re likely getting pinged by vendors on a regular basis. Between phone calls and e-mails it probably gets annoying. The best way to slow that activity down is to take the time to respond and let them know where they stand. Vendors deal with rejection on a daily basis. A polite “thanks, but no thanks” will send them off knowing what to expect. Otherwise, it is likely they will persist in the hopes that there is a business opportunity that they have not yet uncovered.

But here’s the punch line…always keep your options open. It’s easy to avoid change when there is perceived value with current vendors. It doesn’t hurt though to keep a pulse on what else is available in the space that you are buying for. With the continued demand for companies to do more with less, creative buying is critical. Allowing a prospective vendor to get a sense of your buying needs could open up the possibility of enhanced savings for your company, or greater value for the money that is already being spent.