Making the Most of LinkedIn, Right Now (updated for 2017)

Since first writing about LinkedIn nearly four years ago, the professional networking site has only continued to solidify its role in the world of business. During this same period LinkedIn has added users hand over fist. It now is past 467 million members, with 128 million in the US alone (10/16). LinkedIn adds two new members every second, and 40% of all members check LinkedIn daily. No matter your personal feelings about the site, these numbers are saying something important. Don’t underestimate the role LinkedIn can play in your career.
Why You Must Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Online Branding

Your LinkedIn Profile: Yes, You Must

“I'm not searching for a job.” “I don't need one more thing to think about.” “Let other people have fun with that.” “I don't need LinkedIn for my work.” If you've ever thought a thought like these as a reason for not nurturing your LinkedIn profile, you may be hurting your company's credibility or undermining your own career.
4 Actions You Should Take Before Starting Your Job Search

Starting a Job Search

Bench recruiters are often asked for help when it's time to initiate a job search. No matter if the need to search was planned or not, much has changed due to the rise of online recruiting.