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Bench, Inc. is organized to support your complete hiring process – starting with sourcing ideal prospects, fully qualifying each and then managing the candidate experience all the way to offer. While all staffing firms appear to perform the same tasks, like baking, it’s how you precisely execute the recipe that makes all the difference.

Sourcing In Virginia

We seek to match good people to jobs & opportunities that provide new challenges, financial gain or fresh direction. Sourcing is not just one task among many; rather it’s what we do each and every day.

Bench recruiters have the expertise and digital tools needed to locate the best talent throughout Virginia and beyond.  We regularly source candidates with specialized skill sets locally, regionally and nationally.  When the need arises, we are especially proud to market the Commonwealth of Virginia to qualified prospects seeking to relocate to one of our prosperous business districts.

Bench recruiters have the expertise to find candidates with specialized skill sets locally, regionally and nationally.


The goal of qualification is the closer inspection of credentials, experiences and skill sets required. Beyond the resume, the qualification process will include an initial telephone interview, followed by a more rigorous in-person or video call interview, and then background and reference checks. Demonstrations of capability, assessments and other tools may also be selectively applied.

Ultimately, we want our clients to trust our processes. You can rely on Bench to do the hard homework of understanding the potential of each candidate. A successful qualification process – consistently well managed – makes clear to Bench what a candidate can represent for your organization. Our qualification process is very intentional; we don’t just throw resumes at clients and hope for the best.

Candidate Management

Bench recruiters strive to maintain proactive and direct communication at each stage of the selection journey. Information is key to managing expectations for all concerned and for ensuring the best possible candidate experience.

All candidates who are formally submitted to our clients will be well-qualified, interested, affordable and available. A carefully managed vetting process means there should be no surprises at the point of placement.


The Bench team has worked with hundreds of companies across many industries and job categories. We know what it takes to get to the winning outcome and we’ll advise accordingly every step of the way.  We’re willing to freely share experience in the areas related to our field of specialization. Our professional expertise can help you solve tough staffing problems to add even greater value to your organization.