Professional Contract Staffing Services and Contingent Workforce Placement

Bench, Inc. provides skilled, contract candidates on a contingent basis across non-technical, enterprise business functions.  Bench sources and qualifies the critical talent needed for today’s flexible workforce.  Our services include contractor placement in small or large volumes as well candidates for contract-to-hire opportunities.

Bench, Inc. successfully works with companies and organizations throughout all of Virginia, including major business regions such as Richmond, Charlottesville, Fairfax, Tysons, Arlington, Alexandria, Norfolk, Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Lynchburg and Roanoke

The best talent for critical job functions required by most organizations

Bench, Inc. regularly recruits the best available talent across industry lines.  Bench meets the hiring needs of our clients by sourcing enterprise management and specialist roles.  Our job functions include human resources, marketing, business development, administration, supply chain, customer experience, finance, project management, and analytics.

Functional areas, job families, and their sub-disciplines

We regularly place management, specialist, coordinator and assistant-level staff on a contingent or temporary basis for job families such as:

Human Resources – Generalists, Recruiters, Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and Analytics

Marketing – Digital, Email, Web, Consulting, and Analytics

Business Development – Account Executives and Sales

Administration – Assistants, Executive Assistants, Project Coordinators, Operations Support

Supply Chain – Purchasing, Inventory Management, Distribution, Logistics

Customer Experience – Leaders, Representatives, and Consultants

Finance – CFOs, Accountants, Business Managers

Project Management – Project Managers, Coordinators, LEAN, Six-Sigma

Analysis – data, financial, human resources, marketing, business & operations

Bench, Inc. has successfully worked with organizations of any size, in any sector

The Bench team has the right staffing experience and capability for your company.  The size and scale of different organizations indicate varying levels of complexity and business needs:

Fortune 500 firms with national or international operations are highly complex

Fortune 500 companies plan for a flexible workforce as part of their ongoing HR strategy.  Size and scale equal complexity.  Activities such as integrations, system conversions, consolidations due to acquisitions and enterprise change initiatives require additional staff on a contingent basis.

Large Enterprise companies with 1000+ employees & $1bb or more in revenue

For larger enterprise firms, change impacts staffing requirements.  Changing business needs often require extra capacity and expertise to navigate peak business cycles or to handle special projects.  Contract-to-hire may also be used as an extension of ongoing recruitment activity to maintain high selection standards.

Middle Market: multi-location regional organizations with 100-999 employees & $10mm to $1bb in revenue

We regularly work with regional firms who are often in a high growth mode.  Job requests typically are made with very tight timeframes to deliver top talent for crucial roles.  Bench, Inc. is a reliable, well-managed staffing partner with the proven capability to meet deadlines.

Emerging Businesses: Small to mid-sized local businesses with up to 99 employees & $10mm in revenue

Bench, Inc. helps Emerging Businesses by placing talented employees, one at a time, on a short to mid-term basis.  Replacement associates are needed to cover vacancies due to promotions, medical leaves or attrition.  Bench uses the same approach to evaluating talent for small to mid-sized companies as we do for our larger clients.

Nonprofits, trade associations, professional societies, universities, and colleges

Enterprise-wide roles also exist across nonprofit, trade and academic sectors.  Expertise and extra capacity may be sourced on an interim basis to bring new talent to traditional work groups.  Special projects and unplanned vacancies may be addressed quickly and efficiently across a wide range of staff roles.

Bench, Inc. offers a flexible approach for key partners

Procurement professionals managing outsourced staffing suppliers

We are experienced working with procurement professionals seeking to source suppliers through a formal purchasing process.  When seeking bids for your contingent staffing services, Bench will show exactly how to exchange staffing volume for the best possible rates.  We are happy to respond to Requests for Proposals.

Senior HR leaders seeking reliable and trusted staffing partners

Bench, Inc. knows how to work with Human Resources decision-makers who seek to maintain trusted relationships with a reliable vendor.  Contingent workforce management is often a strategic responsibility for senior HR leaders.  Managers charged with talent acquisition and workforce planning require a staffing partner who is consistently reliable and efficient.

Hiring managers who must recruit with little or no HR support

We know how to work with executives in smaller organizations who must juggle daily operations and recruit for themselves.  Contract staff can provide immediate relief when a business can’t stop.  Contract-to-hire is a smart and effective way to “try before you buy” for a successful, long-term match.

Bench, Inc. staffs companies and organizations throughout Virginia

Our team successfully works across all Virginia markets.  Bench, Inc. places the best contract candidates with top organizations operating throughout Virginia.  We actively staff in Central Virginia, Northern Virginia & DC Metro, as well as the Tidewater region and the Shenandoah Valley.