Job Search Research: The Top 50 Employers in Richmond VA 

THE TOP 50 EMPLOYERS in the richmond VA area

A valuable tool for any job searcher is the “Top 50 Employers” list for your local market.  Here in Richmond, VA, the Times Dispatch publishes this list annually.  It is promoted on the front page of their business section found here.

When faced with the need to find new employment, there’s an old saying, “make your job search your new job.”  This list can play a big role in the overall strategy of landing your next gig.

Use this list to stay organized and methodical.  Visit each organization’s “Careers” or “Jobs” tab on their main website.  Look for a sub-tab labeled something akin to “Search for Jobs.”  In bigger organizations, you can search by keyword, function, or by geographic location.  Once you have located the correct pages, bookmark them for easier access next time.

In order to keep up with staffing needs, internal recruiters rely heavily on candidates applying through their company’s website.  Recruiting is much easier when tracking prospects who come through a company’s “front door,” vs. having to spend the time to go out and source candidates proactively.  Job postings may be updated as often as weekly, so it’s important to monitor a company’s website on a regular basis.  It may appear at times that no new jobs are ever posted, and then suddenly several may be posted all at once.  There are definite recruiting cycles during the calendar year that are more likely to offer new roles to the public.

However, it’s easy to not take the time to stay close to the Top 50 Employers online postings.  Each website is organized differently.  Some require only a click or two to search available jobs; others require multiple clicks to wade past the rhetoric and slogans to get to the good stuff. Once an interesting job is found, the next step is to complete the online application.  Here again, the user’s experience can vary widely.  Some applications are short, others are tediously long.  Follow the directions carefully – you don’t want to get screened out simply because you took a short cut and didn’t provide all the info requested.

Candidates report to Bench that applying for roles through a company’s Careers tab often is frustrating because no response is ever received.  True, only about half of all organizations generate an automated response acknowledging receipt of your information.  But you may be reasonably assured that your information was received by an internal recruiter and will be evaluated appropriately.  Recruiters report to us that they get a huge volume of unqualified applicants for roles they post on their websites.  Sometimes it’s just too easy for candidates to throw their info over the fence and then wait to see what happens next.

Candidate frustration is a main cause for a job search becoming far less than a full-time job.  Wading through the nuances of 50 websites per day is not fun and probably not realistic.  But perhaps it would be easier to keep up by breaking the list down into smaller, equal parts and visiting at regular intervals.  Checking in regularly will help create a sense of momentum and accomplishment.  That might be just enough to do it again tomorrow.

Recruiters rely on their organization’s website to generate candidates.  Jobs are posted often, and sometimes in an irregular cadence.  Staying close to the Top 50 Employers list for your market is an excellent starting point to identify career opportunities.