Job Search and Contractor Placement

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We place professional Managers and Specialists as contract staff
Bench, Inc. places highly skilled managers and specialists on a contract basis across non-technical, enterprise business functions.  With Bench, Inc. you may access opportunities with leading companies operating throughout Virginia.  We also place talented professionals for contract-to-hire positions.

We source for critical job functions required by most organizations

Bench, Inc. regularly recruits the best available talent across industry lines.  Bench meets the hiring needs of our clients by sourcing critical job functions including human resources, marketing, business development, administration, supply chain, customer experience, finance, project management, and analytics.

Our professional contract roles are found in most organizations

Corporations, businesses, nonprofits and academic institutions all maintain similar professional roles.  We regularly place management, specialist, coordinator and assistant-level staff across most market sectors.  We recruit for contract employees for job families and positions such as:

Human Resources – Generalists, Recruiters, Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and Analytics

Marketing – Digital, Email, Web, Consulting, and Analytics

Business Development – Account Executives and Sales

Administration – Assistants, Executive Assistants, Project Coordinators, Operations Support

Supply Chain – Purchasing, Inventory Management, Distribution, Logistics

Customer Experience – Leaders, Consultants, and Representatives

Finance – CFOs, Accountants, Business Managers

Project Management – Project Managers, Coordinators, LEAN, Six-Sigma

Analysisdata, financial, human resources, marketing, business & operations

We qualify our candidates carefully in order to recommend confidently

Contract employees may expect to participate in multiple interviews to qualify credentials.  Former managers or supervisors are then contacted for greater insight into past performance and work behaviors.  We also conduct extensive background checks as requested by our clients.

Bench contract professionals share many common attributes

Our contract associates share many similar attributes.  Adding to great communications skills and a professional presence, we look for solid job tenures, quantifiable results and proven competencies.  We focus on more than just what someone has accomplished; we also care about how our associates do what they do.

Contract candidates benefit from working with Bench, Inc.

During the selection process, we assist our candidates to be successful.  Feedback is provided for resumes and online profiles, and coaching is offered for interview preparation.  The benefit to candidates is an increased likelihood of placement success.

We expect mutual success for our contractors and clients alike

The formula for success is not complicated.  Show up on time, stay focused, work effectively and efficiently.  Communicate proactively when things go wrong or need to change.  Be easy to get along with.