Sue Durnwirth Co-Founder, CEO


Sue Durnwirth is a Human Resources pro who’s somehow still standing after carrying the weight of many staffing companies on her shoulders for decades (shhh!). She started her career in Richmond as the protege to Judith Fox, a highly-regarded staffing entrepreneur. She must have taken good notes and studied hard because 12 years later Judith retired and Sue was promoted to president of what had by then become the #1 staffing company in Virginia.

The journey continued when the firm went public. Without ever switching chairs, her career morphed even further into leadership roles with national staffing brands.

Sue has learned time and again that the key to building a successful business has been to 1) surround yourself with great talent, 2) consistently do what you say you will do, and 3) always pay attention to even the smallest details. A strong believer in servant leadership, employees and clients alike have confirmed her ability to lead each day not only with her head but also with plenty of heart. Her strength at Bench Inc. is drawing from her capacity to navigate through good and bad weather in a highly competitive industry.

Jonathan Heckel Co-Founder, COO

Jonathan Heckel Co-Founder, COO

Jonathan is an HR guy who has been plying his craft in the fields of recruiting, staffing, corporate training, and management for longer than he’d care to admit. Prior to co-founding Bench, Jon worked with clients of all stripes for two Top 10 banks and one of the largest staffing firms in Virginia. His proudest achievement during those years was building a training consultancy from scratch; personally being hired by 100+ client companies across the US.

Jon believes that there’s no higher validation that clients can provide for a job well done than when acknowledged by the payment of fees and repeat engagements. He knows the in’s & out’s of contingent employment; he has hired agencies, managed consultants and has himself worked as contract professional. This 360-degree perspective serves him well each day while growing his own firm, Bench Inc.