About Bench, Inc. Staffing Agency Serving All of Virginia 

Bench, Inc. was founded by Sue Durnwirth and Jon Heckel who knew one another first as colleagues, then as friends. After meeting at work in Richmond, Virginia, they soon discovered that they shared the same fundamental values and a common vision for how a staffing business should operate. They progressed to becoming business partners, combining separate and complementary skills required to provide highly consistent service to both clients and associates alike.

Bench Principles

When Bench was founded, Sue and Jon knew that Virginia didn’t need another staffing company. But they had a strong belief that there was a need for a firm combining high expectations and solid process management. This is still true today and is confirmed by their clients and associates.

The leadership at Bench is committed to placing a strong emphasis on the professional growth and development of their internal associates. Our aim is to provide you with a team that is motivated, capable and responsive to the changing dynamics of your daily business.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help others – to ‘bring all good people together’ for personal satisfaction and mutual success. Organizations need good people – and people need good careers and jobs. It is that simple.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to keep it simple and to let our capability speak for us. We prefer to be judged on the basis of our actions rather than our words. Our commitment to our associates and clients is to be the model of consistency and responsiveness in everything we do. We believe that credibility and integrity are achieved when actions meet or exceed words. These attributes are paramount to successful working relationships and are fundamental to Bench.

Our Goal

Our goal is to nurture a corporate culture that embraces individuality, fosters an atmosphere of success and brings ‘all good people’ together. We want everyone who works with Bench to be successful and to feel successful – one without the other is not a real success.

Our Methods

Our methods help us to maintain our on-going goal of being well-managed. We don’t rely on “secret” ingredients. Rather, we strive to get it right on a highly consistent basis, day in and day out.

However, we won’t be perfect or get it right every time. The real measure of our success will be our ability to recover from the occasional mistake, to make things right, and to change as necessary to delight our business partners, time and time again.