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Professional Contract Staffing Services & Contingent Workforce Placement

Bench, Inc. is a Virginia-based staffing & recruitment agency specializing in human resources, administration and operations staff roles.  We provide highly skilled, hourly contract candidates needed to sustain enterprise business functions.  Bench strives daily to match “all good people” to our clients’ contingent labor needs.

Well-managed processes provide results; the best talent for critical roles

We are a results-based company that recruits the best available talent across most industry lines.  Bench meets the hiring needs of our clients by sourcing and qualifying the best talent available for critical enterprise roles.  We are pleased and honored that 87% of our clients return to Bench, Inc. with repeat business. 

Staffing services provide the best talent for selective organizations

As our clients require workforce agility, Bench Inc. successfully places the best contract associates with the exact skill sets needed today.  We source and benchmark talent required for professional roles engaged on an hourly basis.  Assignments may last as few as four weeks or up to two years in duration.  These expert specialists or management positions may provide greater value when compared to engaging consultants.

Our contract-to-hire services will meet your company’s unique hiring needs

  • Assess talent

Bench, Inc. clients also rely on our ability to assess talent using our contract-to-hire services.

  • Expanded channel

Smart organizations use Bench as an expanded channel to meet unique hiring needs.

  • Exacting standards

Bench’s same exacting standards may become part of your internal recruitment and selection strategy.

We provide staffing services for any size company

Bench, Inc. has the right staffing experience and capability for your company, no matter the size or logistical challenges of your company. Our clients are companies with varying levels of complexity and needs:

We work with national and international firms to provide contingent workforce solutions

We help Fortune 500 companies to have the flexible staffing required to meet the needs of a complex work environment.  Large-scale integrations and conversions brought on by acquisitions and change initiatives require additional, skilled employees on a contingent basis.

Companies with 1000+ employees & $1bb or more in revenue

We place contractors with Large Enterprise companies to navigate peak business cycles or to handle special projects.  Bench contractors are also hired by these organizations as an extension of their own recruiting selection processes.  Contract-to-hire can be a very cost-effective and low-risk strategy to staff new employees.

Multi-location regional companies with 100-999 employees & $10mm to $1bb in revenue

We work with regional, Middle Market companies by placing highly skilled, contingent workers one or two at a time.  Often in high growth mode, these organizations benefit from staffing flexibility.  Highly capable, contractor placement with rapid turnaround makes for operational efficiency.

Small to mid-sized local businesses with up to 99 employees & $10mm in revenue

We help Emerging Businesses by placing contract employees on an interim basis.  No matter the reason in small to mid-sized companies, vacancies due to promotions, turnover or medical leaves need to be addressed quickly.  Bench secures the right talent when needed most to keep business moving forward.

We also provide contingent labor and specialized staffing for nonprofits, trade associations, professional societies, universities, and colleges

Bench, Inc.’s track record extends beyond corporations.  Enterprise-wide roles also exist across nonprofit, trade and academic sectors.  Contract expertise may bring the speed, flexibility, and agility needed beyond traditional workforce staffing programs.

How a contingent workforce works best as a flexible people strategy

A flexible people strategy is needed at any stage of growth.  Emerging companies benefit from the flexibility to handle vacancies due to turnover or medical leaves.  Midsize organizations bring in contracted staff to manage special projects and peak business cycles.  Larger corporations require more expertise and capacity to meet aggressive goals as part of acquisitions, integrations and other enterprise change programs.

Decision makers who evaluate staffing providers will vary by company size

Bench, Inc. is very comfortable working with the many decision makers who purchase staffing services for their organizations.  Larger companies often task procurement professionals and senior HR leaders with making strategic evaluations regarding staffing suppliers.  In smaller firms, the decision to use a particular agency rests with hiring managers and other HR representatives.

Networking for talent in the digital age and gig economy

Bench, Inc. combines proven recruitment and selection experience with the most powerful digital tools available.  Our deep expertise with both large and small organizations alike enables us to meet exacting job requirements.  The marketplace is highly competitive, and not all recruiters are created equally.

Skilled, qualified and vetted contingent workforce placement

Our contract associates qualified to bring the right combination of hard skills and competencies to fit in and to make an impact quickly.  Their past experiences and personality attributes will reflect the same hiring requirements preferred by your company or better.  Bench, Inc. provides the deep expertise needed for better candidate evaluation.

Becoming “All Good People;” the journey to Bench, Inc.

Nothing speaks louder than a track record of accomplishment.  Bench associates are qualified and verified through multiple interviews and checks.  It is standard practice for our contingent associates to transition to our clients’ regular workforce due to a successful match.

We expect all of our associates to show reliability, integrity, commitment, transparency and a 100% effort.  We verify performance and workplace behaviors with regular check-ins.  Our clients rely on Bench, Inc. to fully operate as an extended team member.

Read what some of our clients our saying:

      My digital agency experienced an unexpected growth spurt just before the holidays and called on Bench to help us urgently find the talent we needed to deliver on our projects. Jon and team were instrumental in guiding us through the process of finding the right talent for the job. They helped us create a hiring process that efficiently qualified candidates until we found the right fit. Throughout the process and beyond they have been proactive in helping us make the most of our new talent. I couldn’t be happier with the experience of sourcing talent with Bench. Greg Hofbauer CEO, GroundWork Design

    thumb Greg Hofbauer

      I've known Sue for many years and have enjoyed witnessing her consistent success. She is focused, fair and professional, wrapping it all with strong ethics and integrity. Bottom line: Sue's actions mirror her voice!

    thumb Mike Jones

      Sue Durnwirth rocks! I have worked with and around her for more than 20 years. I know of no person who works harder to exceed expectations of customers and prospective employees. If you need people, call Bench. You won't be disappointed. Don Kierson CEO, Data Blueprint

    thumb Don Kierson

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